What is Pitstop
Pit Stop is prioritized Elegant's loyalty for all the registered users who joined the program to avail the exciting benefits throughout the year that go beyond the ordinary. Just like how F1 cars are refreshed in their respective pit stops, your car will be refreshed as per your liking in your pitstop.
Is there any fee to register in Pit Stop?
Well no price tag can define the value of great things. The Pit Stop registration is free for a limited time period. Do not miss this opportunity and avail the benefits now!!!
What are the benefits of joining the Pit Stop?
As a part of Pit Stop, you can avail multiple benefits like
Subscription worth Rs. 499 free for First year: What's free now will not be free for ever, subscribe and save before it's too late.
Fixed Discount on all orders with an exclusive discount code. Enjoy the discount throughout the year!
No questions asked.
Avail 5% discount throughout the year on all order. No questions asked!!!!!
Hassle free purchase: Get product selection consultation from our experts.
Seasonal Product suggestions and offers: Get priority access to upcoming offers and products. Buy them before any one knows about it.
100% original products directly sourced from Brands: Dont get hassled by the worry of being cheated, get original products sourced directly from our Brand Partners.
Tips and Tricks to maintain your car/bikes: Get access to exclusive content from our experts and learn how to maintain your car/bike with ease.
Priority fulfilment and services: Pit Stop is your cheat code to skip the queue of fulfilment and get your orders dispatched on priority
Be a part of our influencer network: Since you are wise to opt for being a member of our Pit Stop, you can now inspire others by making videos and clicking photos about your product experience. We will publish them on our social media channels