Check your car- 
A week before the trip, get your car checked thoroughly by a mechanic to avoid any problems. Get all the fluids, brakes and tires checked along with the spare tire and jack, incase you get stuck with a flat tire flat tire. 

Cary Cash-
Toll roads can pop up at very unusual locations and at times with very high fares, or the card machine at petrol pumps and eating joints might not be working or even available in some places or you might just feel like picking up some munchies or memento from the road side. So always carry some cash with you while going for a road trip! 

Entertainment for the way- 
Plan your entertainment for the way because eventually the excitement will reduce and boredom take over especially if you are traveling with kids. Fill your phone with different kinds of music, something to match different moods. You can also search some fun road trip games or even better come up with some on the way! 

Keep your car Organised - 
If you have ever taken a road trip then you know how cluttered and dirty your car can get. To avoid sitting on a pile of things and garbage, always carry a car seat organiser, so that you can keep all your bottles, cables, games, munchies and more organised, leaving your car seats clutter free and available for stretching. Also don’t forget to keep a junk bag to throw all your trash in, so that you don’t end up littering the road. 

Pack Light- 
When you've got an entire car, the impulse can be to bring along everything kicks in. However, it is always better to pack light as it will not make your car feel stuffy and lesser weight will also increase fuel efficiency. I always have a rule of only one bag per person. In a small bag, you can keep all the necessities in reach so that you don’t have to stop each time you need something.