I think we all can agree that summers brings a lot of grief for all car owners. It is just march and already the car starts burning up from the inside during afternoon hours. Most of my cold blooded friends even had the car AC on during February. The thought of what will happen in May June sends a shiver down my spine (and not the nice kinds). The AC stops being effective, everything you touch is burning and you feel like roasted chicken x_x

Well here is a list of things that you can get fitted in your car that will help make these summers a little more bearable -

Fabric Car Seat Covers
The car seats make up for most of the space in a car cabin. Using Leather and Artificial leather seat covers, that absorb heat, increases the temperature of the car cabin drastically. On the other hand, fabric allows air to pass through it and stays cool even under the scorching sun. They help regulate the temperature of the car and do not burn your skin when you sit on them.

Car Steering Wheel Covers
Everyone who drives knows how the steering wheel burns on hot days. Elegant steering wheel covers have fabric patches that are placed in such a way that driving becomes easier and prevent your hands from sweating

Car Magnetic Sunshades
These are the most useful things for Indian Summers! They do not allow sunlight to enter directly in the car keeping it cool.

Car Dashboard Covers
Again doing the same thing, these cover the plastic dashboard in a car. The dashboard absorbs a lot of heat making the car hotter. by covering it your keep it cooler and help make the AC more effective.

Cool Pad Car Seat Cushion
For those who have artificial leather seat covers installed can even go in for the Elegant cool pad car seat cushion. The leather touch soft fabric that keeps you dry and sweat free.

The heat and sweating dehydrates you during summers. So carrying a cooler to keep your drinks cold is a wise decision. They are available in several sizes, ranging from single-person cup coolers that connect to the 12V socket to larger sizes that begin at around an 8-litre capacity.

Car Perfumes and Fresheners
The fumes from hot plastic parts, sweat and dirt makes the car smell musty and leaves an unpleasant odour in summers. So getting a car perfume now is a good idea before the smell sets in.

Car Body Covers
Intense UV rays can spoil the body paint of your car. So to protect it from fading, invest in a good body cover. They even help keep your car cool.

So, get your car summer-ready now!


Posted on April 30, 2018 by Madhu Titti

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