We carry quite a lot of dirt with us in our shoes’ soles. What this dirt does is, through our shoes, it finds its way into our cars. From here, it is pretty easy to find yourself seated in a mess due to the dirt getting spread in your car. What stops it from spreading around are car floor mats.



Apart from protecting your car’s cabin from the dirt that comes with your feet, floor mats also prevent accidental spills from spoiling your car’s interior. This is something you should consider as accidental spills can be difficult to clean up too. Plus, with the floor mats already being in place, they prevent dirt from getting trapped in small spaces on the floor, making cleaning the car from the inside easy.



Here is what you should look for in car floor mats:


  1. Types - Three types of floor mats are available for a car – 2D Car Mats, 3D Car Mats and 5D Car Mats. Based on the construction 2D Mats are traditional style. 3D Mats are bucketed construction which allows them to protect the car floor from dust, water and other materials. 5D is a luxury floor liner construction covering your car floor edge to edge.

 1. Material – Car Mats are available in a wide variety of materials with each variant rendering unique properties to the product

  • Carpet Car Mat – Dust Absorbent and Plush Look
  • Rubber Car Mat – Waterproof and Low Maintenance
  • PVC Car Mat – Easy to clean and Upkeep
  • Printed Car Mat – Adds personality to your car


2. Fitting- The most important and critical part of buying is to ensure a perfect fit. Each car has its unique floor pattern and mats need to be in line with the edges for a custom fit.

Universal car mats only offer a limited solution of covering some areas of the floor exposing the edges where dust is collected regularly

 3. Anti Skid BackingA slippery mat can be very irritating while driving and may cause fatal accidents. It is always recommended to check for antiskid backing for a smooth drive experience

 4. No Of Rows of Car Seats - No of rows of seat plays a major role in buying a correct car mats. There are many variants available based upon your car seat rows and floor configuration 

 We hope this helps you making an informed decision when it comes to buying floors mats for your car. For more such guides, do log on to www.elegantautoretail.com, Happy Shopping!


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