Indian monsoons always come as a welcome respite after the burning hot summers. As much as we enjoy the cool showers, the clogged roads and humid weather, can be bad for your cars health. Roads get jammed and traffic gets disrupted during rains.  Here are a few quick and easy pointers that will ensure that you don’t get stuck in such situations. As obvious as they might seem, it  or take much time to check them off - 


A car's tyres always need to be in good condition, more so during monsoon. Check for worn-out treads by placing a 5 rupee coin in the middle. If the coin is half covered with the tread, you're good to go, if not then it's time to change the tyres. 


    • Check for break oil and engine oil. You don't want your car giving up on you in the middle of a heavy downpour.


    • During Indian monsoons you will depend on your wiper for visibility a lot, so do check the wiper blades and this is essential. It is recommended to replace wiper blades every year and changing them during the monsoon season is a good way to keep tab of when to change them. 


    • Apply wiper washing liquid to remove dirt and grime from your windshield. Adding two parts of dish washing soap to it will keep it spotlessly clean


    • DO NOT use body cover during humid, monsoon season as it traps moisture and causes the car's body to rust. In fact, it causes the rust to set in faster and deeper.


    • When going out on the road in your car, take care to prevent submersion in standing or rising water


    • While passing through a water-logged zone, drive slowly and rev the engine to keep water from entering the tailpipe. Also, keep your windows rolled down and doors unlocked, to avoid getting trapped in. 


    • Restarting the car if it stalls while driving through an area clogged with water is, again, a strict no-no! It can lead to hydrostatic lock, which causes damage to the engine. Push the car out of the area and inspect it thoroughly before driving again. 


    • Always make sure you have these things in the car for worst case scenarios-


     A rope and a tool kit – incase your car breaks down
     Food and water for the long jams
     Phone charger
     Newspaper - reading material to while away the time when stuck in a traffic jam and also be placed over the foot mats to soak water from wet footwear.
     Flash light
     Medical kit


    Happy Driving and Enjoy Monsoon

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