Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that we need to dedicate a space to them even in our cars. This is to ensure we can keep our focus on the road ahead and not on pulling phones out of our pocket and using them. This is the area where car phone holders come into use. However, you just can't think about buying one and using it. This guide will tell you exactly why that cannot be the case plus other things you should look out for when buying a car phone holder:


Types of Car Mobile Holder

 There are numerous types of car mobile holders available in the market. All of them can be categorized in the below types

  • Magnetic Car Mobile Holders
  • Adjustable Car Mobile Holder
  • Clamp Car Mobile Holder
  • AC Vent Car Mobile Holder
  • Sun visor mounted Car Mobile Holder
  • Charging socket mounted Car Mobile Holders


Universal vs phone size-specific

In case of universal units, these are the kind that will hold smartphones of almost all sizes, regardless of dimensions. When we talk about phone size-specific units, we talk about units that are better suited to hold a phone of particular size and not just any smartphone out of the blue. Usually Car Mobile Holders have flexible hinges on sides and bottom supported by springs this ensures your smartphone is held as securely as possible

Mounting location

You would need a smartphone holder with short stalk if you are looking to mount it on your car's dashboard. For mounting on the windscreen, you would need a holder with long stalk so that it stays in your reach, like this unit. From the perspectives of usability and ergonomics, do take special interest in this aspect as it will define how easy it is to use the phone holder when the phone is mounted on it.

Trust high quality items only

A much-repeated tip but always worth it – always go for smartphone holders that are either made of high-quality materials and fit and finish or are from reputed manufacturers. You do not want your smartphone to be dropped while you are driving, as is the case with many low-quality units.

Other features on offer

Lastly, an important aspect you should consider is whether there are additional features on offer or not. Scouring through the market, you will able to find phone holders that can also charge your phone while holding it in place. So, do look out for the add-ons that are being offered for additional peace of mind.

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