The primary reason for wearing a mask is to protect others from the Coronavirus. We still do not know everything about this Novel Coronavirus but it is very clear that this virus spreads through droplets of infected people. These droplets are shed while sneezing and coughing. It also appears that people with the virus show symptoms 48 hours after they have been infected. Some people might not even show symptoms at all but still, be active carriers of the virus. 

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Masks act as a barrier to these droplets. They do not let droplets from outside reach your respiratory tract while also preventing you from shedding droplets on surfaces and other people. The mask traps the droplets and prevents them from spreading. So by wearing a mask you are not only protecting yourself from the virus, but you are also protecting everyone else. 

The mask does not have to be surgical grade or an N95 mask. These masks are already in short supply and should be left for use by medical personnel. If you have these masks we suggest you donate them to the nearest hospital. 

A simple two-ply mask will be good enough to protect you from the virus. A scarf or a handkerchief might not be the best option as they will soak in the droplets and are permeable making them ineffective. A two-ply non-woven mask, on the other hand, does not soak up the droplets giving you the required protection. The two layers of non-woven material act as a double barrier from the virus. 

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So India let's Mask ourselves!

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