Elegant's high performance Sportivo 3D Mats Vs The Competition
Comparision of 3D mats Elegant Sportivo 3D MAXSPIDER KAGU 3D LOCAL 3D MATS
Composition 4 layer composite sheet 3 layer composite sheet 2 layer sandwiched material
Top Layer OEM approved Soft feel resin coated PVC Resin coated PVC Plastic film
Bottom Layer OEM approved skynet velcro Mesh type velcro Eva sheet
Deforming Resistance No deforming due to 4 layers that are shaped with heat as per your car floor Deforms with Use Deforms with Use
Thickness 6MM 4MM 3MM
Cushion effect Heavy cushion effect gives comfort in long drives Rigid material with slight cushion effect Rigid material with no cushion effect
Edge finishing Edges bound with Same material as top layer to give complete look and ensure durability No binding on edges gives raw, unfinished look and increases wear and tear Edges bound with low grade binding tape
Size OEM approved Sizes ensure hassle free driving experience with no obstruction in clutch, accelerator and brake Accurate sizes as per car floor Non-standard sizes create obstruction while driving
Anti Skid Yes Yes No
Super Premium Embroidered Logo Yes No No
Sporty dual colour design Yes No No
Available for all indian and imported cars Yes Yes No

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