Here is a new flash - Wearing a mask is not sufficient to protect you from the virus! You have to wear the face mask properly to ensure your’s and others' safety. Please ensure the following points while wearing a mask so that you have better protection from the virus - 

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  • Use a two-ply mask made of semi-permeable material. It should allow air to pass through but not soak water and pass droplets through. 

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  • Always wash your hand before wearing a mask. Wash hands even after removing the mask to ensure any virus trapped on the mask does not transfer to your hands 

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  • Make sure you cover your nose. Not just the tip of your nose but all the way till the bridge of your nose should be covered 

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  • Spread the mask so that it covers your chin as well. The mask is pleated to ensure maximum coverage. It should cover your face all the way from your mouth till the bottom of your chin 

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  • It should be snuggly fit near the nose and the chin to prevent the droplets from reaching your respiratory tract. the strings should be tightly tied to ensure it does not move from its place 

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Do Not Reuse the masks. Either use a washable mask and wash with soap and water before reusing or use a disposable mask and discard them after one use.

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