Pets are a big part of our lives; their constant presence adds that extra pinch of joy and happiness. But every dog owner knows the struggles of travelling with them in a car. There is no avoiding the paw marks, slimy slobber and obviously the hair covering your car seats. No amount of grooming can avoid the mess our furry little friends leave behind in the car. So for every animal lover, investing in good quality PROTECTIVE PET CAR SEAT COVERS is a wise decision.

 There is a variety of protective seat covers for cars available, however, before buying a pet protective car seat covers ensure the following features are included in the product-

 Quality fabric - As much as we would want our car to be clean, nothing will supersede the love we have for our pets. The comfort and wellbeing of our furry companion is always going to be the top priority. So avoid buying anything made of synthetic materials to ensure your dog is happy, cool and relaxed, even in long drives.

 Easy to Clean- This is the most important thing to look for in car seat pet protectors. The material used should be low maintenance and easy to wash otherwise it will defeat the purpose of buying them in the first place.

 Durable- Pets, especially dogs, have a tendency of scratching the surface with their nails before settling in. If the protective pet car seat covers are made of a flimsy or delicate fabric, their long nails will easily tear the protective cover and damage your car seats

 Ease of use- Should be easy to install in the car and convenient to store. This will make them handy and you won't have to think twice before taking your pet for a drive

Application- Based Upon your needs there are many designs available on application 

Pet Seat Protector - Front Seat

Pet Seat Protector – Rear Seat

Pet Seat Protector – Hammock

Keeping all these in mind, Elegant has designed the perfect PROTECTIVE PET CAR SEAT COVERS. Made of 100% Cotton fabric, they keep your pet cool and comfortable and are extremely durable and scratch resistant. The pet hair does not stick to the fabric and is washable to keep it clean and hygienic. Instead of the regular black covers, they have unique fun prints to add that extra joy to your car ride. With Elegant PROTECTIVE PET CAR SEAT COVERS your pet and your happiness will go hand in paw, making every drive smoother and fun for all.


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