With the Corona Pandemic spreading and the number of cases rising, no one is safe from the virus. However, you can take precautions and follow a few simple rules to help protect yourself and reduce the chances of catching it. The importance of following these precautions has been widely emphasized and publicized. 

Here is the recap and just of these preventive measures - 


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  • Social Distancing 

We can not even begin to stress the importance of this. If you don’t come in contact with the active corona carriers, you will not catch the disease. The virus spreads through droplets and saliva of an infected person. It is not an airborne or waterborne disease. So stay away from people because you never know who might have the virus!

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  • Wash Wash Wash 

As told by WHO and every medical community in the world, wash your hands with soap! The droplets can be on surfaces that you touch and from there it can enter your respiratory tract. The virus can be washed away with water and soap. Keep washing your hands especially if you come from outside. Wipe the door handles and knobs with sanitizer for extra protection. 

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The virus can not enter your body through your skin, it has to enter your body through your nose and mouth into your respiratory tract for you to be infected. The best way to avoid it from reaching your face is by not touching your face, simple. 

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  • Cover your face 

As mentioned earlier, social distancing is a must. but if you have to step out of your house, cover your mouth and nose with a mask to prevent infection. Use a two-ply face mask at least so that the droplets can not reach your mouth or nose. Using a more permeable mask is not effective as the droplets will pass through the mask. You do not need a surgical mask or an N95 mask for protection. A good quality two-ply mask will do the trick. 


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  • Cover your face clothes & shoes when going to crowded places

The best  way is to avoid going to crowded public places to avoid any infection, but some times it becomes necessary to step out and visit grocery  stores, dairy booths, banks, hospitals etc. We recommend not leaving any part open that may bring infection into your home. While people ensure cleaning their face and hands they normally forget that their shoes and their clothes that they are wearing while going out may also become source of carrying virus inside your house. We recommend using a combination of disposable body suits, shoe covers & face masks to ensure maximum protection.


In conclusion, let’s stay home, stay safe and fight this pandemic together! 

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