Design Center

Creating the best product for you,which add value and comfort to your drive

At Elegant the entire design process revolves around one thing - Creating the best product for you, which will add some value and comfort to your life.
Under the leadership of our head designer, we have build a team of creative and disciplined designers who strive every day to achieve outstanding results.

Our efficient and streamlined design process revolves around the following basic steps:

Target Audience Identification
We create products to match your daily needs. The needs of a college student vary from the needs of a working exective or a small family, so how canone product cater to all. Keepting the need of all communities in mind we identify the unique requirements and design a product.
Mood Board Creation
Once the basic outline of the product is finalized, we work to create the best user experience. Different types of fabrics, prints and designs are compared to come up with the ideal touch, feel, visual appeal and usability of the end product.
Like the first draft of a speech, on the basic of the mood boards, samples are made to see how the product will turn out. These samples are shown to people like you to identify the perfect combination.
Product Styling
On basis of the feedback that we receive, the final styling of the product is done to make it ideal for use.
Final Sampling
Taking all aspects into account, the final sample is made. This sample is then give to people like you for testing in real life situations. The feedback from them is used as the initial guidelines for new products.
However the process does not end here. For custom fit, the products are tweaked a little according to the different car models. For that the following steps are taken:
The library of car sizes is updatedd on a regular basis to deliver custom fit products for your car make and model.
The sizes are converted into computerized patterns by our skilled operatives to ensure consistency and a clean snug fit each time.
These patterns are used to cut and manufacture high quality premium products tailored perfectly for your daily use!