Luxury Leatherette
Complete Protection
For Your Car Floor

Stylish | Comfortable | Easy to Use

These mats give unparalleled protection for your car floor carpet. New improved texture is easy to clean. It has a leather-like finish and is very durable. The unique self-design makes it look classy, just like your personality

Designed for elegance and made with precision, Elegant luxury-leatherette mats will give your car interiors a bold luxurious look! Designer base mat has an exclusive diamond quilt that gives it an edge. It comes in unique colour combinations to match your style.

The designer base mat, made of PVC has the high reinforced edges. The entire mat is made for your car make and model giving it Custom edge to edge fitting. The custom fitting ensures that it does not get stuck in the accelerator or the break, so you have a stress-free drive each time!

The mat is backed up with high-quality anti-skid backing that does not let the mat slip or slide while driving. Ensuring safety with style!

Custom edge to edge fitting


Elegant luxury-leatherette mats are the epitome of luxury and style. Designed for elegance and made with precision, these mats are the platinum standard when it comes to car accessories. While designing these mats all the aspects were kept in mind so that we deliver you nothing but the best.

All the elements are designed to make the mats more efficient and add a styling edge to the entire look.

They are efficient and easy to use keeping you completely stress-free.


Luxury Leatherette Mat Layers

  • Leatherette material
  • 8 mm high density foam
  • Anti-skid backing

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