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Elegant Active Memory Foam Car Neck Rest Pillow (Set of 2) Beige

Rs. 1,050.00
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A good neck pillow can make your car drive very comfortable. Elegant neck rest pillow eases the tension in your shoulders and neck making them your best travel partner. It is designed to provide unparalleled support to your cervical and upper back. The memory foam cushion takes the shape according to your body posture and the soft fur fabric gives it a premium touch and feel, making it all the more user-friendly. Available in three beautiful colours to enhance the look and comfort of your car.


Feature Detail
Colour Beige
Foam Features  Memory foam cushion takes shape according to body posture
Fabric Features Ultra-Soft Suede Fabric prevents sweating and heating
Matainence Removable covering for easy washing
Comfort Soft feel fur fabric, memory foam cushion
Warranty 1-year warranty against colour fading or any manufacturing defects