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Elegant Car Body Cover for Hatchback Cars

Rs. 3,960.00
Tax included.

Keep your car protected against rain, dirt, dust and minor scratches, when parked, with Elegant’s Car Body Cover.

The Cover is made with waterproof material with reinforced stitching that does not allow water to seep in.

The design allows for a comfortable fit, owing to features like full elastic edges. The full elastic edges enable the cover to be stretched and tucked at the base so that it is not removed during heavy wind. The cover provides a layer of protection from UV rays, minimizing the damage caused to exterior paint and plastic trims. Apart from the weather, the cover also protects the car against splatter, dirt, and tree or bird droppings.

Feature Detail
Colour White and Red
Fitting type Waterproof body cover with full elastic for the bottom. Scratch Proof Fabric.
Fabric Features Breathable Fabric, fully waterproof
Warranty 3 Months  warranty against manufacturing defects