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Venti 3 Perforated Art Leather Car Seat Cover For Citroen C3

Rs. 11,550.00
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A revolutionary design that sets a new standard in comfort, durability, and style. Experience luxury and sophistication with our dry feel art-leather. The material's firm raised grain gives it a premium look and feel, adding an elegant touch to your Citroen C3 car's interior. The strategically placed perforations allow for improved airflow, keeping you refreshed and preventing sticky seats. Enjoy a breezy and comfortable ride no matter the weather. It features an enhanced quilt design with an exclusive stitch line, provides extra cushioning and comfort for a more enjoyable driving experience. It is designed to be odor-free, ensuring that your car always smells clean and inviting. It also allowing you to quickly wipe away dirt, spills, and stains.


Feature Detail
Available Color Beige, Black, Tan, Brown
Fitting Type Bucket fitting
Fabric Features Dry feel art-leather with firm raised grain
Maintenance Crack resistant and easy to clean
Comfort Enhanced Quilt With Exclusive Stich Line
Warranty 2-year warranty against color fading, crack or any manufacturing defects