Hella Universal Car Windshield Wiper Blade 16-inch

Rs. 179.00
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Hella Wiper Blades are made with top quality nano technology graphite-coated rubber. The graphite coating greatly  reduces  friction  in  the  contact  areas between the blade and the windscreen. This means a smooth and quiet operation with longer-lasting performance.

Hella Car Wiper Blades are subjected to the highest quality requirements and meet the stringent test standards of Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).


Nano technology graphite coated rubber blade provides smooth and quite operation with clear visibility.

Contact points with even downward pressure, delivering a clean wipe at every point.

 Easy-to use, Universally Compatible Adaptors

 Pre-attached with the adaptor with the most vehicle applications

Comes with universal adaptors that fit over 95% of vehicles in Asia.


Wear-resistant edge gives perfect results up to the time of replacement. Superior solid steel frame ensures maximum strength and durability.