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NapEazy Cervical Travel Pillow

Rs. 3,999.00
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Your comfort is ensured when you travel with napEazy. It can be extended and set at a height with the help of a button and a telescopic channel. Use it as side support, front support, chin support, back support, elbow support. It can prevent the fatigue you have because of prolonged sitting. With just one pillow, you can go on long road trips with your family. It can be used by your parents who have back aches while traveling, or children who nap the minute your car leaves the city or by yourself if you would like to finish some work and would love a sturdy surface for your laptop. It’s a family pillow.

  • Patented: NapEazy has a design patent in the U.S, U.K and CHINA. 
  • Memory Foam: Dual-layer memory foam with differential density that offers high comfort.
  • Extendable Telescopic Channel: Made of high-grade aluminum, making it resistant to breakage.
  • Multi-Posture Support: It can be used for more than 8 Comfortable Postures.
  • Storage Pouch: Store small accessories such as your passport, wallet, earphones, etc.
  • OEKO - TEX certified: The pillow covers have antifungal properties. 
  • Removable Covers: The pillow outer covers are machine-washable at 30 degrees.
  • Free Drawstring Bag: Makes it easy to carry it around without it getting dirty.