Wuerth Multipurpose Vinyl Care

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Excellent non flammable, solvent free product to provide surface gloss & depth in color on car tyres & polymer dashboards / door panels . Also used in polymer blow moulding industry.

  • Very versatile product used as a rubber & vinyl polish
  • Adds luster & deep black color to the automobile rubber tyres
  • Completely free of any volatile organic solvents
  • Extremely easy to apply by Use of paint brush or a sponge
  • Very safe to use anywhere

Application area

  • Rubberized surfaces e.g., automobile tyres, automobile door rubber trims
  • On blow molding dies to prevent adhesion to the mold surface
  • In wooden furniture industry to provide gloss & texture of the shaven wood


  • Wearing rubber gloves & safety goggles is advisable
  • Depending on the end use the product applied has to dry to achieve the desired result
Specifications Detail
Brand Wuerth
Contents 1 L
Container Plastic bottle
Light Multi Colored
Chemical Basis

Silicone oil

Density 1.05 g/cm³
Shelf life from production
10 Month