Road trips are fun & exciting be it with Family or Friends everyone loves them and when planned during Monsoon the excitement reaches to Cloud 9 and some mandate precautionary checks & Care is required.

Monsoon Car Care checklist extends when a road trip is planned to avoid any unwanted spoilers like a breakdown or any technical glitches.

Make sure you do all these checks before you ignite the engine, push the accelerator hard making your car racing against the wind and you start humming your favorite song tracks.

1. Check Your Air Pressure: Some highways are made of such material that speeding up makes the air inside the tyre expand causing it to burst if filled to the brim. To avoid such a mishap do check the tyre pressure as per the guideline, keep it optimum and if possible fill it with nitrogen gas.

2. Check Your Car Floor Mats: Advisable to use floor mats made of high quality PVC to safeguard your carpet lining from mud induced by damp shoes to save that expenses that can occur in cleaning the carpet.

3. Boot Mats to fortify your dicky from unnecessary water that can rust the body and your valuable assets there, the added advantage of Boot mats is they can be used while changing tyres during the breakdown or can be used as a mat for your pets and other outdoor activities.

4. Lights & Indicator Check: Travelling on the highways without proper functioning Headlights & indicators is risky for you as well as other drivers on the road. Before you leave for the trip take out time sit in the car check if all the lights & indicators are working properly, if now get them changed.

Recommended to use auxiliary lights to circumvent reduced visibility issues, Auxiliary Lights are known to illuminate fog during fog or in the case of a heavy downpour for better visibility.

Also, while driving during night avoid using High Beam, it causes temporary blindness for the driver coming from the opposite direction, hazardous for both.

5. Pet Car Seat Covers: If you are a pet lover & have any pets at home you won’t like travelling alone without them. Before you make your pet the part of the trip use Pet Car seat cover to protect your car from scratches and getting torn.

6. Car Organizer: Sunglasses, Packet of chips and other eating stuff, Water bottle and so much lie all the time in the back seat while on a trip. Unhygienic, it is, and chances are you need to spend again on car cleaning once you’re back from the trip exhausted. Decorate your car back seat with a beautiful Car Organizer and keep all your stuff safe and organized.

7. Check the Coolant and Other Fluids: Get the Break Oil, Coolant, Clutch Fluid checked to avoid any unwanted breakdown. Check for breaks & clutch if they are working properly or need any maintenance.

8. Check for Worn out Tyres: Check if you need to replace your tyre by using a simple coin method.

Put a 5 Rupee coin between the thread of the tyre, if the bottom edge of the coin is not visible, your tyre still has life, they are not worn out & you are good to go.

9. Car Cleaning Duster: Recommended to carry a car Cleaning Micro Fiber Duster with you to brush away the dust on the car body or to absorb water.